郭艳峰 Yanfeng Guo课题组介绍

课题组长/Principle Investigator
郭艳峰 Yanfeng Guo,助理教授、研究员/ Assistant Professor, PI
通讯地址/ Address: 上海市浦东新区华夏中路393号物质学院5号楼303H;
Room 303H, Building 5, SPST, No. 393 Huaxia Middle Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai
2003 to 2008, PhD, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences; 2008 to 2011, Postdoctoral Scholar, National Institute for Materials Science, Japan; 2012 to 2015, Postdoctoral Scholar, department of Physics, University of Oxford; July 2015 to now, Assistant Professor (Tenure-tracking), School of Physical Science and Technology, ShanghaiTech University.

研究介绍/Research Interest


  1. 利用常压及高压制备手段探索包括非常规超导体、新颖磁性及拓扑材料在内的新量子材料;

  2. 利用常压及高压手段生长新量子材料高质量单晶;

  3. 综合利用各种手段表征新量子材料的晶体结构、磁结构及电子结构,充分揭示其丰富物理性质背后的物理机制。

Core Research Capabilities in Our Group

Much research emphasis of my group is placed on the exploration and high-quality crystal growth of new quantum materials (NQMs). Our strong experience for materials design and the utilization of both various normal and high pressure/temperature (~ 20 GPa, ~ 2000oC) techniques enable us an efficient route toward the discovery of target or exceptional NQMs. We thereafter understand the physical properties of the synthesized NQMs through investigating the structural, magnetic, and electrical properties. Our characterizations include not only common measurements on the state-of-the-art powder X-ray diffraction (PXRD), single-crystal X-ray diffraction (SXRD), magnetic properties measurement system (MPMS-3), physical properties measurement system (PPMS-9), etc., but also other advanced measurements such as the angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES), neutron diffraction/scattering, scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), high-magnetic field measurements, etc., through tight collaboration or application for beamline time at synchrotron stations. My group maintains an active link with many groups in China and abroad, providing high-quality crystals and sharing facilities for chracterizations. Our current research activities include:

  1. Exploration of NQMs, basically targeting unconventional superconductors, magnetic and topological materials;

  2. Crystal growth of various NQMs;

  3. Investigation on the structural, magnetic, electrical, and thermal properties of NQM;

  1. 课题组长期招收物理及材料物理专业本科生攻读研究生学位,~ 1-2名/年。

  2. 课题组欢迎物理及材料物理专业本科生加入从事研究工作。

组内动态/Group News

1. 物质学院薛加民、郭艳峰课题组在新型窄带隙二维材料方面的研究取得重要进展

近日,知名学术杂志《ACS Nano》在线发表了由上海科技大学物质学院薛加民、郭艳峰以及上海技术物理研究所胡伟达课题组合作完成的研究论文,题为“Nb2SiTe4:A Stable Narrow-Gap Two-Dimensional Material with Ambipolar Transport and Mid-Infrared Response”,报道了他们在新型窄带隙二维材料方面所取得的重要研究进展。

2. 物质学院合作团队成功揭示低维量子体系中的电子强关联与磁性长程序,两位本科生为共同一作

凝聚态体系中由于存在电荷、自旋、轨道等多种自由度,它们相互配合和竞争可以衍生出很多非平凡的物理结果,因此一直是人们研究的热点和新奇物性的实现平台。然而,正是由于多自由度的耦合,对于某种实验观测到的宏观物理现象主要是由何种微观机制所导致这一问题,在很多情况下难以理解清楚。其中非常具有代表性的问题是在过渡金属元素构成的半导体/绝缘体中,电子的能隙究竟是由电子电荷关联导致的,还是由电子自旋关联导致的,长久以来答案一直模糊不清。近日,我校物质学院助理教授李刚、柳仲楷和郭艳峰的研究团队通力合作,成功揭示了在低维量子体系CrSiTe3中电子关联所扮演的重要作用,首次明确地指出了该体系中的电子能隙主要源于电子间的库仑排斥作用。该项工作近日以“Unveiling Electronic Correlation and the Ferromagnetic Superexchange Mechanism in the van der Waals Crystal CrSiTe3”为题在国际顶尖物理杂志《Physical Review Letters》发表。



Web of Science Researcher ID: U-6086-2019


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本组成员/Group Members

于振海 助理研究员

High-pressure synthesis
High-pressure measurements


葛雯娜 博士后

2D magnetism


王洪远 2017博士生

New topological phase


夏威 2017博士生

Topological phase and unconventional superconductors


苏豪 2018博士生

Magnetic topological phase


宦述春 2018博士生

Magnetic materials


刘晓磊 2019博士生

High-pressure measurement


张高宁 2017硕士生

Spin-liquid and topological phase


李政贤 2018硕士生

2D magnetism


韩李雪松 2018硕士生

Magnetic topological phase


张鑫 2018硕士生

Topological phase


袁健 2019硕士生

Unconventional superconductors


侯骁飞 2019硕士生

Topological phase